Even as our wars overseas wind down, U.S. soldiers and veterans wounded in combat continue to seek a high quality of life. The overarching goal of the BADER Consortium is to advance and strengthen evidence-based orthopaedic rehabilitation care to improve the lives of these wounded warriors and to optimize their functional outcomes after combat and combat-related musculoskeletal injuries.

By supporting the clinical rehabilitation-intensive culture across four Department of Defense Military Treatment Facilities and among affiliates across the country, the Consortium seeks to move research and clinical trials forward.

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BADER is a collaboration of core civilian trauma centers, four Military Treatment Facilities, and more than 100 affiliates throughout the United States, unified to identify and address critical issues challenging the recovery of combat and civilian trauma patients.

The BADER Consortium is funded by:


Orthopaedic Research Clinical Consortium Award (ORCCA)

Peer Reviewed Orthopaedic Research Program (PRORP)


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    Steven J. Stanhope

    Our team of rehabilitation research experts
    has been awarded the PRORP Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Clinical Consortium award in the amount of $19.7 million.
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