Consortium Goals

The overarching goal of the BADER Consortium is to work in concert with four Department of Defense Medical Treatment Facilities to strengthen and support evidence-based orthopaedic rehabilitation care that results in optimal functional outcomes for each wounded warrior.

This will be accomplished by focusing on a MTF-centric approach that will advance each of the following strategic areas:

  1. Assist each MTF with further strengthening a research-intensive culture
  2. Work in concert with MTFs to fully realize a robust orthopaedic rehabilitation research partnership across MTF and non-MTF clinical research sites
  3. Support MTF goals of conducting a variety of high impact research studies
  4. Assist MTFs with the establishment of their self-sustaining research enterprises

To meet these goals, Cores have been established to provide the necessary expertise in the following areas:

Purpose:  To bring together the personnel and resources to ensure that the goals of the BADER Consortium are achieved (Financial, HR, Reporting, Policies and Procedures, Compliance, Legal, IP, Training, Information Technology, etc.)

Purpose: To further develop and support a research-intensive culture in the MTFs by assisting the MTFs with establishing a uniform and sustainable research infrastructure that will facilitate ongoing and new MTF clinical research protocols across all sites.

Purpose:  To support multi-site MTF clinical studies by providing additional scientific infrastructures and resources (Biostatistics, Outcomes Measurement and Biomechanics) for the conduct of clinical orthopaedic rehabilitation research.