Organizational Framework

The BADER Consortium was organized with a primary focus on the Clinical Rehabilitation Studies in partnership with a variety of stakeholders and research support resources.

BADER Consortium’s three forms of promoting partnership were very deliberate.

    • BADER assembled a group of highly skilled and talented individuals thus creating an environment that made it acceptable for a BADER affiliated scientist to request support. The experienced collaborators helped to articulate research questions and formulate projects in their early stages of development.
    • BADER intentionally selected individuals with expertise in very specific areas recognized as central to the research projects such as biomechanics, biostatistics, and measuring patient outcomes. It encouraged these experts to openly communicate with the scientists during the design and implementation of their research projects.
    • BADER supported the travel of experts and senior scientists to the partner sites and scientific meetings to facilitate people literally coming together in teams. It created an atmosphere in which scientists preparing their funding applications felt it was fine and actually desired to approach it from a team research perspective.