Clinical Research Core

The Clinical Research Core has been called the “boots on the ground” element of the BADER Consortium operation.

The CRC supports orthopaedic research at military and civilian treatment facilities affiliated with the BADER Consortium. Stationed across the country, CRC field staff are tasked with providing on-site research teams with day-to-day support, education and training from beginning to end of a study. They also help ensure compliance with regulatory standards for data collection, documentation, protection of human subjects and research compliance. The CRC Clinical Trials Database Operation Core supports the protocol and data management system used by BADER research teams.

A few examples of CRC accomplishments since BADER’s inception:

  • Established a partnership with the National Institutes of Health to house the first extramural version of the Clinical Trials Database (CTDB) outside the walls of the institute;
  • Designed and created BADER CTDB-user materials and an online portal
  • Employed more than 20 people from across the country create a team of support for BADER investigators and affiliates to help support research for BADER and MTF projects;
  • Partnered with the University of Delaware compliance officers and created a model system to review and acknowledge BADER protocols in order to ensure protection of the University federal wide assurance;
  • Backed the certification of three staff by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)
  • Implemented virtual collaborative environments