Rehabilitation Outcomes Measurement Core

University of Delaware

The Rehabilitation Outcomes Measurement Core (ROM) at the University of Delaware works directly with BADER Consortium principal investigators to provide assistance in selecting and using appropriate outcomes measures in their research.

The ROM:

  • Consults with PIs to recommend optimal outcome measures.
  • Provides outcome measures training and training materials for on-site use.
  • Designs and creates measurement platforms, such as web-based data capture portals, for BADER projects.
  • Develops new patient reported outcome measures to allow for examination of the full range of outcomes.
  • Provides guidance on measurement integration, statistical analyses approaches and interpretation of results.
  • Provides proposal consultation, review and feedback.
  • Is developing a toolbox of outcomes measures for BADER-relevant study use.

Core mechanics:

Study PIs receive a brief Proposal Evaluation Template that serves as a mechanism for ROM to provide detailed feedback about the selection and utilization of outcome measures in a given study.

Contact information:

David Tulsky, PhD
Director, The Center on Assessment Research and Translation
Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Delaware College of Health Sciences

University of Delaware – College of Health Sciences
STAR Campus

STAR Annex
101 Discovery Blvd.
Newark, DE 19 713

(302) 831-4606

Pamela Kisala, M.A.
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Delaware – College of Health Sciences
STAR Campus

540 S. College Age.
Newark, DE 19713


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