Running on research

Running on research


Women's 2013 IPC Athletics World Championships//Fanny Schertzer

Women’s 2013 IPC Athletics World Championships//Fanny Schertzer


Imagine waking up one day and being somewhere other than where you’d thought you’d be.

Now imagine waking up in this strange place and realizing it’s a room in a hospital. And you’ve lost your leg. From the hip down.

That’s what happened to Army Sergeant Jay Fain in 2007, the day before a scheduled two-week  break from a tour in Iraq.

Fain shared his story recently with, an online site for orthotics and prosthetics information, because shortly after he lost his leg, Fain became an unlikely runner.

You should read his story, which can be found here.

After losing a leg at the hip, running is nearly impossible. But Fain was sent to BADER MTF Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC)/Center for the Intrepid (CFI) for rehab. At CFI, he learned how to walk on a mechanical hip joint, the Össur Total Knee® and a basic foot.

He gait trained, attended Össur Amputee Running and Mobility Clinics hosted by the Challenged Athletes Foundation and relying on the latest research and expertise of certified prosthetist Bobby Latham, made sure his hip fit just right.

Then, Fain found a knew knee, hip and foot: Össur POWER KNEE™, an Ottobock Helix hip joint and an Össur Re-Flex Rotate™ foot.

After several rounds of trial and error, Fain was fitted a fixed hip joint, the Össur Total Knee 2100 and an Össur Flex-Run™ foot.

Fain had some physical abilities that made his return to running remarkable, yet possible. But without the hard work of researchers, physical therapists, orthotists and prosthetists and others willing to put in the time to improving the quality of life for people like Fain, his return may never have been possible.

BADER values the long-term needs of wounded warriors like Jay Fain and will continue to do our part to make their lives as full and and fulfilling as possible. And we are always looking for new partners in the endeavor.

Fain wants. “Having this level of amputation and knowing there are others out there similar to me, I hope to pass knowledge on to other people with amputations and hopefully stir up the O&P world and let them see what can be accomplished with just some motivation and understanding of the products out there.”