Virtual Collaborative Environments

Conference Calling

Available to BADER Affiliates. Submit request to the ­Administrative Core

Web conferencing

BADER Affiliates may request access to our web conferencing system, Adobe Connect. Submit request to the Clinical Research Core

Adobe Connect Video Services

When presenting in Adobe Connect, you may encounter problems displaying videos, such as no sound or delayed/choppy video. This can happen with PowerPoint presentations containing embedded videos.

We recommend converting the file into a more suitable format using Adobe’s Presenter software. The BADER Clinical Research Core offers this conversion as a free service to BADER Affiliates who use Adobe Connect.

Uploading the converted file to your Adobe Connect room’s server will create a smoother presentation and use less bandwith. Once uploaded, the file may be used in subsequent sessions by you or others in your room. Your Adobe Connect room’s administrator can delete the file for you at any time.

To submit files for conversion, use the Video File Conversion Service Request form.

To learn how to use or create converted files, see the Displaying PPT files containing embedded videos within Adobe Connect document.

Multi-site clinical trials database

The BADER NICHD Clinical Trials Database (CTDB) is an NIH-developed investigator-centric, web-based and secure online protocol and data management application. It supports natural history and clinical trial single- and multi-site research studies. The CTDB is FISMA-compliant.